MASTER D'ARTAGNAN Compétition Internationale de Judo Vétéran

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Gala evening: Mousquetaires’Night

As every year, to enclose with dignity the competition, we invite all the competitors in a Gascon apéritif. This one is essentially established(constituted) by gersois products given by our partners: Plaimont and the Vineyard of Saint mount.

During this moment of sharing and division, team of the Master d’Artagnan prepares for you an unforgettable evening: Mousquetaires’Night 

The gala  takes place in the Mouzon, on the place of the competition, You can eat a wonderfull meat.

It is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gather(collect) the competitors, the sponsors, the referees, the volunteers and the organizers. We propose you a typical meal, followed by the group Vocalis’.


 Price lists :

  • 20 € for the adults
  • 10 € for the children

Soirée de Gala