MASTER D'ARTAGNAN Compétition Internationale de Judo Vétéran

Presentation of the Master d’Artagnan


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The 2018 edition is finally open !!!

After three editions and the organization of the 1st Tournament of France veteran in May, 2016, the Master d’Artagnan makes its return. This year, the competition will take place on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2018, in the room of Mouton, 13  street of General De Gaulle, to Auch ( France). 

Passing times shave shown that competition itself took place on Thursday evenings this year it will be held on Friday. The finales will take place near the 4pm and will be linked with prize-givings. As a thank you and too represent our friendly values, we offer a Typically Gascon apéritif to all the competitors, volunteers, arbitrators, organizers and their partners, that choose to join us throughout the evening. Before conclusions on the night of the Musketeers, if you wish to be part of the meal, after function festivities and relaxation to wind down from a day's competing, please register on line.

We are still waiting for you and are looking forward to seeing you again!