MASTER D'ARTAGNAN Compétition Internationale de Judo Vétéran

The 10 November 2017 at 10h00

Training Course

Salle polyvalente du Mouzon

Training proceedings

We suggest doing a training course the Friday 10 November, at 10 am until 12pm and 2pm until 4pm. This training is open and free for all competitors. It will be supervised by Ramon EGEA, 7th Dan and their trainer..

For the first time, the competition and the training are open for international judoka. And Xe will be honored to receive english, spanish and algerian judoka. WWe organize this training for the opportunity to examine different fighting techniques from around the world.

We also accept every judoka not participating in the competition that if the wish to do so they can join directly on our website, for 10€. 

After the training, you can go directly to the weigh-in and receive your accreditation. And to finish this day, we invite all competitors to Pasta Party !

Of course, your guides are welcome for only 10€. You can pay directly on site.

Don’t hesitate to join at the same time of the competition